I managed all aspects of this project including electrical installation and furniture design. I was responsible for sourcing everything from windows to doors and everything in between. The colour palette on this project was inspired by the clients love of ecru. A highlight of this project was the one piece dining table for 22 people, the problem wasn’t making it, but moving it! We required a special police escort! I searched for the ideal flooring for this house and sourced a rare wood called Afromosia which is now protected.

I had a very tight budget with this club project. I decided to keep it very minimalistic and industrial, a silver and black colour scheme with focus on lighting. The red booths are the VIP area with the best view of the party!

The first thing I did here was to open up  the walls, to allow for communal bathing! Don’t worry, the toilet, bidet and shower is in a separate enclosure! Not in the photos is a remote control eco fire which we built and does not require a chimney. I wanted to create a contrast between the modern bathroom area and the rest which is semi classical.

Following on from the theme I set with the club, I wanted to keep the colours dark and use lighting to accent the highlights. I came across the couch fabric and thought it would make an amazing contrast to the rest of the space.

I wanted to make a break from white net curtains, here the darker curtains help to bring all of the colours together.

A masculine and opulent theme for a comfortable and luxurious room.

I wanted to create a very comfortable lounge atmosphere where people could come and smoke cigars and drink a coffee. Very high walls and an open space means that any smoke from this area would diffuse upwards and out of the building. We designed and built custom humidors. The bar features dark chocolate brown stools and quite a unique feature with the upturned lighting.

A selection of tables I have designed and manufactured.

This cabinet features black velvet lining in the drawers. The diamond shape design is created by placing the wood veneers at different angles and is part of a series I designed.


Concept design with provisional costings  |  Lighting / Schematic drawings for specialist contractor  |  Computer visualisation and detailed cost estimates  |  Schedules of work and space planning  |  Layout drawings  |  Furniture design and procurement  |  Colour schemes / Sample boards  |  Full project management, co-ordination and supervision on site.


Marianna WilfordMarianna Wilford Interiors was established in 1996. Since then the company has been working successfully in the UK and across Europe. I have built up an impressive and prestigious portfolio of residential and commercial projects. Every project is a bespoke scheme that reflects the lifestyle and personality of each individual client. My designs are clean, simple, chic and elegant. I consider that it is very important to achieve a comfortable and welcoming feeling from the moment you enter the front door. My whole life revolves around interiors and good design. My philosophy is to listen to my clients' needs, so that I can translate their vision of how they would like to live and this initial good relationship achieves the best effects. I design the majority of the furniture used in my projects and I have the facility to have furniture tailor-made to individual clients's requirements. I can supervise the procurement of materials and fine detailed work from specialists throughout Europe. My speciality is the combination of natural wood, lacquer, silver and mother of pearl.